Personal Travel Packages

travel agencyWhen was the last time you took a vacation? Can you even remember? But the hassle of planning a trip—choosing where to go, when to go, booking all the planes, trains and automobiles—just sounds like a headache, right? Plus, it’s difficult to know if you’re picking the right hotel and the best flight.

That’s where DO Travel comes in. We have more than 14 years’ experience and have traveled to more than 30 countries! From a big trip to Europe to a relaxing Hawaii beach trip, we’re the travel experts you can trust to help you finally get that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.


Family Vacation Packages

Traveling is simply more difficult with children. Why complicate things by trying to do it all yourself? DO Travel has been creating ideal family vacation packages for Monmouth, IL residents for years. We’ll find family-friendly activities no matter where you go.

We can set an itinerary that pleases both the kids and the adults, so everyone in your family is able to enjoy the adventure. From our country’s breathtaking national parks to just plain fun amusement parks, we’re ready to plan the perfect trip for your family. Vacations should be relaxing, not stressful.


International and US Travel Packages

travel agencyHave you always dreamed of seeing the pyramids? Or maybe you want to take in a show at London’s famous Globe Theater? The prospect of international travel can be daunting. The language barrier, different currencies, and distant time zones can be confusing.

Even in the USA, it’s difficult to find the best and most cost-effective plan. That’s why you should book a travel package through the travel experts in Monmouth, IL. We’ll handle every detail so you don’t have to! We make flights, hotels, and sightseeing a breeze, lowering many of the barriers that keep people from exploring the world.


Take that Trip of a Lifetime

You’ve always wanted to see the world. Don’t miss out on your chance! We know how to help first-time travelers enjoy every minute of their trip. Call DO Travel today at 309-734-4400 to find out more about planning the vacation of your dreams!